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Ignis Art 2021 Calendar
Ignis Art 2021 Calendar
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Survivor's race in Afterglow RPG 0
Survivor's race in Afterglow RPG

The new edition of the Afterglow: Post-Apocalyptic Role-Playing Game will provide players with more options right at the level of character creation. The Survivor's Chronicles, containing the rules for creating our heroes, will include a description of not three, as before, but five races from which the player will be able to choose one for himself/herself. Each race provides a bonus to one of the main characters' traits and gives you the option to choose one of three unique talents.


Dwarves - the proud, stubborn, pragmatic and hardworking dwarves quickly shook themselves off after the Long Night, creating settlements that developed into the Forge Towns. Despite the awareness that they may be the last representatives of their race, they continue their efforts to restore the old order and civilization. In many regions, they managed to dominate trade and industry, strengthening their position.


Gnomes - small in physical structure, but resourceful, clever, devoting themselves to the tasks ahead of them with great commitment. Due to racial persecutions before and during the War, most of them moved to the south of the continent or left Alepin. The return of the Force and the breach of the Anomaly into our reality awakened unusual, supernatural abilities in the surviving gnomes.


Humans - the most common group of survivors on the Continent, with well-known advantages and disadvantages. People adapt quickly to new situations, and many of them were born after the Blast or the Long Night and have no memories or knowledge of a lost world.


Naiym'vael - remnants of a proud race of elves. The Blast and destruction of the regions inhabited by them pushed the elves to the brink of madness. Grieved and hungry for vengeance on those who they believe led to this tragedy, they live in itinerant, nomadic groups known as Families. They have extraordinary abilities that allow them to communicate with the dead and control the Force.


Ogres - before the Blast, they were a small group on the Continent. Now there are even fewer of them left, but meeting them will definitely leave an unforgettable impression. Great in height, powerfully built and strong, they found themselves perfectly in a reality in which it is brutal, ruthless strength that can determine survival. Enraged and hungry, the ogre is able to dominate almost any opponent.


If you don't know the afterglow universe yet, you can find out more by clicking here.

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