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Ignis Art 2021 Calendar
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Afterglow RPG - Survivor's Origin 0
Afterglow RPG - Survivor's Origin

The main stage of the adventures in Afterglow is Alepin, a continent that was one of the centers of economy and industry before the War, affecting most of the world markets. The place was diverse in terms of race, ethnicity and culture. The Blast wiped out former national borders, governments and political systems, but this does not mean that the entire continent and all its inhabitants look and behave the same after the apocalypse. In different parts of Alepin, survivors face other adversities. The annihilation of the civilisation forced them to look for ways to survive and solve current problems. Those who wanted to stay alive adapted, changed their lifestyle, beliefs, rules and ethical norms. Wandering through the wastelands of the continent, you can encounter various, most exotic places and their inhabitants.


When creating a Survivor, the player is faced with a choice of Origin, which will determine not only the place where the character spent his or her entire life (or at least years after the Blast and the Long Night), but also his/her perception of the world, rules by which he/she is guided, and unique abilities and talents. which the character has developed while living in a given environment.


Initially, origin provides a bonus to one of the main traits. Then, the player chooses one of the three talents that indicates their character's inborn predispositions or learned abilities. Talents have been refreshed, tweaked and adapted to changes in game mechanics. Finally, player selects common equipment in the area the Survivor came from.


Origin is very important for the game, not only because it allows you to create more varied characters in terms of mechanics and their capabilities during the game, but also gives a certain color to the warband. Each origin (in the Survivor's Chronicles there are as many as fifteen of them) introduces an element of cultural differences, mutual sympathy, animosity, and even open hostility between the inhabitants of specific regions.


Residents of different parts of Alepin may cope with certain challenges differently. Tough and hardened inhabitants of the North Frontiers will cope well with the expedition in difficult conditions and the fight against frightening opponents. Such challenges would be almost impossible for the comfortably raised residents of the Corporation Shelter, but the latter have knowledge of exact sciences and technology that for other survivors may be so advanced that it is difficult to distinguish it from magic.


Inhabitants of Black Muds or Zone can be great at surviving in harsh conditions and avoiding threats (both ordinary and supernatural). Nobody can replace the driver from Styx while car chase along the old highway. None will be as good at finding and examining pre-war artifacts as a looter from the Garden of Rust, or will not be as good a specialist as an engineer from the Forge Town. And let's not forget the fanatical followers of the One, waging their holy war from Delaria.


When creating their characters, players can choose to have all warband members come from the same place and set off together into the wastelands, or to be a jumble of survivors from different sides who have been forced to work together to survive. Both of these solutions introduce interesting plotlines and the possibility of playing the characters.


Origin is therefore not only an additional set of possibilities for players when creating a character. This is a great way to introduce story elements during the game, and even influence the decisions of the Survivors through the prism of beliefs, beliefs and habits deeply embedded in their personality. Thanks to this, you can turn your adventures on completely new tracks.


Next week I will tell you about the next step in character creation, which is Profession. This element has undergone the biggest changes compared to the first edition, so I think it may be of interest to many of you.

See you in the wastelands!


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